Quiz Revision Notes

This site has been created to help quizzers prepare for quizzes, such as Quizzing GPs and the World Quiz Championship, and for quiz leagues such as the Quiz League of London. It is also for people new to quizzing, who want to improve and need all the key facts for particular topics. Quiz setters may also find the files useful.

The files have been created over many years, and only contain facts that have come up in quizzes, or that I thought may come up at a quiz. They do not contain many lists - these can be found in reference books or other web sites.

All of the files are Microsoft Word or Excel documents (highlighted in green), and can be downloaded to your own computer. They are arranged into six sections, corresponding to the genres at Quizzing GPs. Each section also has a zip file, so you can download all the files for that section in a single file.

I would like to thank Eric Kilby, who has contributed all of the History files and some of the Entertainment files.